Advantages And Disadvantages of Using A Baby Swing


In case, you are wondering a gear or tool that helps you to soothe your baby, you might come across the baby swing. It is undeniable that a baby swing can bring you a lot of benefits which you can see from reading baby swings reviews by Baby Insider. However, it also has some minor disadvantages which you should know to make the most informed choice whether you should buy it or not.

If you are a new parents expecting for the arrival of your baby, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare prior to your delivery. In fact, you need to prepare both mentally and physically for the coming baby. You also need to buy a lot of baby gears and equipment which can help you to take care of your baby,

Here are the benefits that having a baby swing can offer you:

1/ It Helps to Soothe the Baby

A baby will feel the safest and most comfortable when you hug him and swing him sides to sides. However, you cannot do it all the time. That is the reason why people make the baby swing. It mimics the rocking movement that you often do when you want to sooth your crying baby.

In addition, with all the moving motions, from gentle to stronger, from back and forth and side to side, your baby will not feel boring at all.

Needless to say, most of the baby swings come with toys, music and light; these things surely catch your baby’s attention and he can play with them without your help.


2/ It Is Good for Nap Time

With its features of ambient music and constant moving, your baby will be able to fall asleep quicker without your help.

3/ It Enhance the Development of the Baby’s Brain

Firstly, all of the toys with different sizes and colors can help to develop your baby’s visionary ability. Secondly, with the toys hanging in front of him, he will try to reach and catch it, which in turn helps to enhance the development of your baby’s brain.


4/ You Have More Free Time

A baby swing offers a great playing tool for your baby to be occupied with. There are toys, music and light which help him to entertain. Not to mention that he can sleep well on his own. All of these things can help you have more free time on your own instead of caring and playing with him all the time.

And here are the drawbacks of a baby swing:

1/ It Is Useable for A Short Time

Most of the baby swing is used when your baby is less than 2 years old. Specifically, there are weight and height limit for this product. Or when your baby can climb over, you should consider taking this baby swing away.

Therefore, you can only use the baby swing for a short period of time only.

2/ Strong Vibration for  A Long Time Is Not Good for Baby Brain

There are a lot of rocking mode settings for you to choose from. For a smaller baby, you should not let the settings too high, it might cause discomfort to your small baby and lead to brain damage if your baby is inside the moving swing for a long time.

3/ It Is Suitable for Nap Only

When your baby falls asleep while he is inside the baby swing, you should take him to bed or the crib. The baby swing is not designated as a place to sleep and it might lead to the flat shape of your baby’s head. Furthermore, it is a source for suffocation and SIDS.

There is no perfect product as there are always 2 sides of a problem and the baby swing is not an exception. You should carefully consider both advantages and disadvantages of using a baby swing before you come to your final decision. After all, you are going to spend some money in here, make sure that it is a wise investment.

Thank you for reading my guest article. I’m Sandra Azar, from BabyInsider.Net – A baby expert blog for new parents.

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